GAF Course Rating Seminars at Your Club

Golf Ball on TeeCourse Rating Seminar - Club Level

"If you have ever wondered what those "other numbers" are on your clubs scorecard (72.6/126) and how they get there this is a seminar that you must attend." This seminar can be as detailed as you would like or just a one-hour overview of the USGA Course Rating System and how it applies to each golfer at you club.

Rules of Golf Seminar - Club Level

This is an overview of the basic rules of golf and how they pertain to your club and its members. We will start with basic rules such as "Marking the Golf Ball" and conclude with some suggestions on how to avoid Slow Play. This is a grass roots presentation with some visual aids that has been presented over the years to over 50 Golf Clubs here in Florida. This can be tailored for a one hour Ladies Golf Association Meeting or a two or three hour presentation.


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