Handicap Services Provided by Golfnet

Golfnet Inc provides state of the art software to Golf and Country Clubs to calculate handicaps, run tournaments, and manage tee times. Integrated with our on-line Web Services, the Handicap System, Tournament Management System, and First Tee Management System combine to form a complete...

Integrated Golf Program Management System


Tournament Management

Unsurpassed Capability and Ease of Use
  • An unlimited number of events may be maintained
  • Adaptable to any type event, no "pre-defined" formats to limit your options
  • Handles all facets of the event, from sign-up to printing gift certificates
  • Point and click player entry, automatic pairings, and drag and drop editing
  • Print logo's and watermarks on reports, scorecards, cart signs, etc.
  • On-screen help assists with even the most difficult events
Tournament Setup
  • 18 or 9 hole rounds, single day or multi-day
  • Enter individuals or up to six-player teams
  • Use USGA or "Instant" handicaps for in-club events
  • Stroke play up to 6 rounds, match play up to flights of 128
  • "9-hole Matcharound" for flights of 6 or 8 teams
Tournament Operation
  • Reads golfer file from Handicap System for fast player entry
  • Complete pairing options...ABCD, by handicap, random, or custom
  • Calculate team handicaps
  • Flight by handicap or previous round score
  • Re-flight and/or re-pair after each round
  • Assign tee times on front, back, or both nines
  • Shotgun starts in AM, PM, or both
  • Use multiple courses
  • Use any percentage of handicap
  • Stroke off low ball in match play
  • Strokes adjusted automatically for tees played, including mixed and "multi-tee" events
  • Extensive scoring options- enter individual or team scores by total, nine, or hole-by-hole; calculate gross and/or net best ball(s), skins, or points; automatic tie breakers
Tournament Reports
  • Sign-up sheets with specific event information
  • Rules sheets
  • Hole location sheets
  • Starters report
  • Alphabetic, by-handicap, or by-flight player lists
  • Golfer check-in/billing reports
  • Guest reports
  • Match Play ladders
  • Nine-hole matcharound summary
  • Leaderboard reports
Scorecards, Cart Signs And More!
  • Scorecards with event information and handicap strokes "dotted"
  • Cart signs
  • Scoreboards
  • Gift certificates
  • Golf bag labels
  • Locker name cards
  • Name tag labels
Integration Features
  • Sign up for tournaments on the Web or using the Custom Golfer Keypad used for posting scores in Handicap System
  • Publish event tee times and results on the Web with the click of a button
  • Handicaps automatically read from Handicap System during player entry
  • Export pairings and starting times/holes to First Tee System
  • Import players from First Tee System to print scorecards, cart signs, etc.
  • Export scores to Handicap System

1st Tee Management Services

User Features
  • Assign tee times as fast as with paper and pencil - never enter a wrong member name or number
  • View tee sheet by player name or the number of players in each time
  • View multiple days and/or courses
  • Networks enable several people to take reservations at the same time
  • Search for times across multiple days and courses - no delays shuffling through stacks of paper
  • Search by name to see if golfers have more than one tee time - eliminate duplicate times
  • Correct charges for tee times, golf carts, etc. automatically maintained
  • Capture address and credit card information for public players
Customized For Your Club
  • Design and view tee sheets any way you like
  • Tee Times, Shotguns, or combinations of both in the same day
  • Crossover tee times
  • Multiple courses
  • Tee sheets can be set up well in advance with unique template system
  • Block out times for tournaments, outings, or maintenance
Lottery Features
  • Random or weighted lotteries
  • Integrated directly into your tee sheet, your staff quickly selects the style or format for lottery entry
  • Applies your unique lottery and tee sheet rules to all of the golfers that sign up
  • Members sign up electronically and lottery results appear automatically on your tee sheet
  • Ability to make as many changes or modifications as necessary, right up to tee time
Comprehensive Course Management
  • Financial reporting to provide yield management data and an audit trail for charges
  • Play statistics by hour, day, week, month, or compare to prior years
  • Track play by membership type, guests, and public players
  • Track pace of play and set time limits
  • Track "no shows" and prevent them from booking future times
  • Monitor/Limit number of rounds renters or temporary members can play
  • Monitor golf cart usage
Professional Course Administration
  • Automated tee sheet helps the club maximize use of the course, resulting in both increased member satisfaction and higher revenues
  • Ensures that club rules and fees are applied automatiically
  • Different rules and fees can be assigned for each day of the week, and for specific times during the day
  • Automatically monitor # of times a guest can play for any period
  • Comprehensive system backup ensures data integrity
Integration Features
  • View tee sheets on the Internet with our Web Services
  • Reserve tee times or sign-up for lotteries on the Internet
  • Reserve tee times or sign-up for lotteries using the Custom Golfer Keypad used for posting scores in Handicap System
  • Report on golfers that played, but did not post score in Handicap System
  • Import pairings and starting times/holes from Tournament Management System
  • Export players to Tournament Management System to print scorecards, cart signs, etc.
  • Integration with selected point-of-sale vendors for direct transfer of charges to club's accounting system

Handicap Services

Score Posting
  • Golfers post their own scores quickly and easily using our Custom Golfer Keypad
  • Unique question and answer format promotes accurate posting
  • Double-size characters and color enhance readability
  • Post total score or hole-by-hole with automatic ESC
  • Instant analysis of handicap recomputed after each score posted
  • Golfers can view their last 20 scores and strokes received from each set of tees at the club
  • Away file allows definition of other courses your golfers frequently play
  • Golfers can view statistics on scoring and handicap history
  • Rapid Score Posting module for administrator at club
  • Register your golfers as "Multi-Members", so that scores posted at the club are also automatically transferred to other clubs where they maintain their handicap (Clubs must be part of International Golf Network-IGN)
  • At-club handicap revisions and reporting
  • Correct errors in scoring records and issue a revised handicap at the club without waiting for an outside service
  • Maintain 18 or 9 hole handicaps
  • Up to 8 courses at club, with 5 Mens and 5 Ladies tees per course
  • Up to 8 handicap groups (Mens 18, Ladies 18, Ladies 9, Juniors, etc)
  • Up to 36 sub-groups (Associations) can be tracked
  • Compile statistics to revise handicap stroke holes
Monitoring And Reports
  • Print reports at the club as needed
  • Handicap rosters ordered by name, number, or handicap
  • View strokes received from each set of tees at the club
  • List scores posted by day or date range
  • Report on Exceptional Tournament Performance
  • View golfers with numerous away scores or scores posted on the Internet
  • Handicap history report shows each golfers Index for last 12 months
  • List golfers with number of rounds posted for each of last 12 months
  • Most Improved Golfer statistics includes multiple formulas
  • Group statistics include total scores posted, scores posted by day of the week, average handicap, average score posted, and percentile rankings
  • And much, much more!
Integration Features
  • Post scores on the Internet using our Web Services
  • Allow Tournament sign-ups and Tee Time reservations using the Custom Golfer Keypad
  • Automatically post scores from the Tournament Management System to the Handicap System
  • Report on golfers with a Tee Time that did not post a score
  • Report on scores posted by players in a Tournament

Web Services

Your Golfers Can....
  • Post their scores on the Internet
  • View handicap reports and scoring records for themselves and others, providing "peer review" on the Internet - very convenient for the Handicap Committee
  • Sign up for club tournaments on the Internet
  • View tournament tee times and results
  • Reserve tee times or sign up for tee time lotteries
  • View daily tee sheets or search for their times
  • Register themselves as "Multi-Members", so that scores posted at the club are also automatically transferred to other clubs where they maintain their handicap (Clubs must be part of International Golf Network-IGN)
Personalized Web Pages for Your Club
  • Password protected Members Only area
  • Display club news, activity schedules, etc. for your members
  • Public area allows you to provide information about your club for guests visiting your website
Integration Features
  • Transmittal of all data to and from the Internet is automated with the click of a button inside the Handicap, Tournament Management, and First Tee Systems
  • Transparent to user - no need to mess around with HTML or create new links