Membership Information

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As a Member of the Golf Association of Florida your club will receive
the following benefits:

USGA Compliance
The Golf Association of Florida is licensed by the USGA to provide its members with handicapping services and to conduct course ratings. The GAF has chosen Golfnet Inc. as our approved handicap service provider in order to ensure that your handicaps are in compliance and up to date with the latest formulas issued by the USGA.

The Latest Technology For Your Members
The GAF has partnered with Golfnet Inc. to bring you state of the art technology. The GAF Internet Services allow members to post their scores online, as well as provide the club additional website traffic to boost revenues.

Course Ratings
Our Course Rating Teams are comprised of both men and women raters who have been certified by the USGA. The On-Course portion of the rating takes approximately 4 to 6 hours and upon completion of the paperwork a USGA Course Rating Certificate is issued to the club.

By conducting seminars and providing other services for member clubs (i.e. Handicap Certification Programs) the GAF helps assure that your club meets all of the requirements of the USGA necessary to issue a certified USGA Handicap Index. The GAF will actually come to your club and conduct a course rating or rules seminar for your membership.

Score Transfer
The GAF is the only State Golf Association in Florida that is a member of the International Golf Network (IGN). The IGN is an organization of nearly 50 State Golf Associations allowing for national score transfer among its member clubs.

Delegate Program
Getting amateur golfers involved in golf activities in Florida

Participation and/or hosting of GAF sponsored events.


For more information regarding membership in the Golf Association of Florida please contact Judy Comella, Executive Director.